Panasonic Genius Prestige NN-SD997S Microwave Oven Review

There is nothing better than purchasing an appliance for your kitchen that not only matches your décor, but looks great. The Panasonic Prestige NN-SD997S microwave will be the talk of the house when you bring it home and start using it.

Panasonic NN-SD997S
Panasonic NN-SD997S Genius

This 1250 watt super microwave is perfect for anyone with a big family that wants to eat now rather than waiting for the stove.

The intuitive and easy to program display will have you cooking like a professional chef in no time, and your family will thank you with the fast service and great food you will be preparing. The price may be a bit high for some, but you always get what you pay for and with this microwave you get a lot.

Reviewers are generally very happy with the decision to purchase this particular microwave and love the durability that it has over the long term ownership.

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Panasonic Prestige NN-SD797S 1250 Watt Microwave Oven Review

This is the microwave of professionals, or at least for those that do a lot of heating and reheating of food in their kitchen. With a 15 inch turntable, you can cook just about anything you want, and it will hold those new designer square plates with ease. The price isn’t too bad considering you are paying for a 1250 watt microwave.

Panasonic Prestige NN-SD797S Microwave Oven
Panasonic Prestige NN-SD797S Microwave Oven

This microwave can be left standing on the counter or used as a built in over your stove. The stainless steel design means you get an easy clean up even after the messiest of cookers uses it. Everything about this microwave screams value and usability, even for those that don’t use a microwave all that often.

Reviewers seem to love this microwave over all others that they have had in the past. They love how big it is and how well it cooks and reheats food with ease.

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